Hello, I'm Alex, I'm 18, I'm from Poland. And I am bisexual. I love tattoos and piercings. I was in a mental hospital for 3 months... I love humans. Just kidding. I will die alone. <3 . .I would like to fuck Colton. If you want to know more ask me, I think I'm nice ;)


Request – Derek Hale “You mean everything”
 “I can’t… I simply can’t!” You turned your back on him, feeling exhausted, feeling neglected after waiting for an entire night again, after waiting for a call that didn’t came, waiting for him to come home. “Don’t…” You heard him reacting behind you, heard that he didn’t want you to do this, but you were sure. “Maybe you should have told me if you’d like me to stay! I’m sick of always having to assume how you feel!” He walked to the couch, sat down, his head rested in his hands. “I… It’s hard, trust me.” You stood in front of him. “I don’t care how hard it is! Look at me. Don’t hide again, like you always do!” He didn’t look up, didn’t seem to want to look up, so you walked away. “It has been enough Derek… I can’t sit here and wait for you every time, not knowing if you feel the same for me as I feel for you. I can’t do it anymore.” You started to collect some things you owned from the living room, gathering them in a bag, ready to leave, to really leave this time. When you walked to the bedroom to get your stuff from there, you felt a tear running over your cheek. You didn’t want it to end, but for once, you wanted Derek to react on what you said, for once you wanted to hear how he felt about you, instead of only guessing it. But you knew it wasn’t going to happen, it had never happened. You wiped away the tear, not wanting Derek to see how hard leaving him behind was for you. “Please…” You looked back when you heard his voice. You had never heard him beg, and this sounded a lot like it. “I don’t want you to leave… It’s just…” He walked towards you, sat down on the bed, held your hands in his. You wanted to pull away, actually didn’t want to see him, didn’t want him to undermine your decision. But on the other hand… you didn’t want to leave. Deep inside you, you didn’t. You cared to much for this stubborn, traumatized man to leave him behind like that. “I can’t do it anymore Derek. I can’t sit here and wait till you come back and doubt what you are really feeling, always having to guess… It’s been enough.” He sighed, still holding your hands, preventing you to do anything. “I’m not easy, Y/N, I know that. I… it’s hard to say what I’m feeling. I just know that the moment you walk out of that door, I will be completely lost, and I don’t want that to happen. You… at the moment you mean everything for me. You are my anchor…” Another tear came to your eye, but this time one of relief, one of joy. “If you would have said that a bit earlier, you could have saved us this situation…” You smiled, happy you could stay, happy that he had finally admitted what he felt. “I don’t think I was able to say it earlier…” He pulled you towards him, pressed a kiss on your lips and pulled you on the bed with him.


be nice to people because the world is a shitty place and we all need a little help sometimes

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